MOYS Letter of Recommendation Form—
This Letter of Recommendation Form is one of the required documents for all students invited to the verification process for the Memphis Ambassador Program (MAP) and the MPLOY Youth Summer Experience. This Letter of Recommendation Form must be submitted by the student and should include the official school seal or stamp as well as a signature by a school official.




MPLOY Required Documents Checklist—
Upon selection from the lottery, students are invited to continue with the verification and interview process. This checklist outlines all of the documents that are required for students to be verified for employment.


MAP Absence Excuse Form—
Ambassadors must turn in an Absence Excuse Form in order to receive make-up work on their optional day. If an Ambassador misses a Mandatory Day, then the makeup work must be completed on the Optional Day of the same week to receive credit. Absence Excuse Forms will be approved for the following: school-related activities, service projects, personal illness/injury, tutoring, death of a family member, college tour/visit, extracurricular activities, and sports. We do not excuse absences for outside employment.


MAP Neighborhood/Community Service Verification Form—
The community service form will be used to track service hours for MAP Ambassadors and MAP parents.  The forms will be used in conjunction with other supporting evidence that the service project was completed (Official letter, event program, etc.).  Community service forms should be filled out by the coordinator of event or one of the sponsors, with the exception of the section that needs to be completed by the MAP participant.  All sections of the form should be filled out properly with a detailed description of the service project.  Forms entirely completed by parents or ambassadors are prohibited and are deemed unacceptable.  Community service forms need to be submitted within one week of completion of the service project in order to receive points.


MAP Transfer Request Form—
All Ambassadors are required to attend her/his site assignment for the first two weeks of the school year component.  It is important for Ambassadors to fulfill all attendance expectations, to ensure the accuracy of the First Quarter payroll.  It also gives staff time to identify open slots at the requested site. If no open slots are available, the Ambassador must remain at their assigned site until a slot becomes available.  Ambassadors will only receive points for attending their assigned site.

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