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The Memphis Office of Youth Services is an essential division of the City of Memphis serving the educational and developmental needs of students in the Memphis area. The mission of MOYS is to equip students with the tools necessary for becoming contributors to the greater community by inspiring them to make positive decisions in the classroom and beyond through engaging and interactive programs including the Memphis Ambassadors Program (MAP), the Classic College Fair and the MPLOY Youth Summer Experience.


The vision of MOYS is to become a center point for all youth-oriented services and programs in the City of Memphis by focusing on initiatives that add value through education, health, employability and justice. At MOYS, we know that instilling these core values in our youth creates essential pathways to future success.

Memphis Ambassadors Program (MAP): Program Overview

MAP is a year-round development program for youth participants in grades 9-12 that offers engagement with career-readiness and college-preparation skills. The program’s curriculum is based on four core values: Education, Health, Employability, and Civic and Social Responsibility. Ambassadors meet every week to receive support in their transition from high school to post-secondary options, and participate in life skill exercises, such as resume writing, ACT practice sessions, financial literacy workshops, and fitness training. Each summer, Senior Ambassadors receive full-time internships with the City of Memphis in Park Services, Engineering, Libraries, the City Attorney’s Office and more. During enrichment camp for freshmen, sophomore and junior ambassadors, students will: build employment skills, gain cultural exposure, learn about health and wellness, and participate in team-building activities.

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MPLOY Youth Summer Experience (MPLOY): Program Overview

MPLOY is a locally funded initiative administered by MOYS that provides 1,000 City of Memphis youth ages 14 to 22 with meaningful and rewarding summer experiences. The MPLOY Youth Summer Experience offers various career path options according to the participants’ strengths and interests, including soft skills training, entry-level positions, and internships. Some of the top employers in the Memphis area make this possible by agreeing to serve as Business Partners and Service Providers, offering structured job opportunities for youth for six weeks during the summer months.

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