Memphis Ambassadors Program (MAP) is a year-round development and enrichment program that serves between 400-500 youth across the City of Memphis in each of the council districts.  The program engages youth in grades 8-12 annually.  MAP is designed to assist youth in their decision-making process about post-secondary life and the development of social, critical thinking and leadership skills. City of Memphis Youth are selected through a lottery process. The Five Pillars MAP focuses on are: Community Service, Leadership, Education, Entrepreneurship, and Perseverance.

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The Memphis Apprentice Program is a year round stipend based enrichment program for Memphis City 8th Grade Students. This program is designed to assist students who are under achieving academically. Our focuses are tutoring, mentoring, socio-emotional learning and community involvement.


  • Earn a stipend check every 6 weeks

  • High School Prep & Life Skills

  • Tutoring in ELA, Science, Math

  • Financial Literacy

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MAP Apprenticeship Edition
Mitchell Community Center

602 W Mitchell Rd # 2
(901) 789-2927
Dir. Carolyn Neal

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District I
Raleigh 1 & 2

3678 Powers Road
(901) 372-2085
Dir. Evelyn Young


District V


4221 Macon Road

(901) 682-6161

Dir. Michael Walker


Pine Hill Community Center
973 Alice
Memphis, TN 38106
Director: Rory Campbell


District IV


1141 S. Barksdale

(901) 636-7080

Dir. Linda Bates

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District VII


190 Mill Ave

(901) 527-8313


MAP Apprenticeship Edition
Orange Mound Community Cente

2572 Park Ave
Memphis, TN 38114
(901) 576-6878
Interim Director: Tennile Moten


District II

Hickory Hill 1 & 2

3910 Ridgeway Road

(901) 566-9685

Dir. Margaret Fluckers

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District III


4318 Graceland Drive

(901) 332-0783

Dir. Ivory Boykins

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Below are testimonials from students who served as Summer Interns with MAP following their senior year of high school.

I was located at a Memphis Public Library for my internship. I was given the opportunity to work with eight wonderful and skilled librarians. Throughout my internship, I had many different tasks, including shelving books, putting the Dewey Decimal System to use, helping with children’s programs, checking people in and out, helping people solve problems by showing them how to work a few machines in the library, helping decorate bulletin boards, and participating the programs the library offered. A few pros I have for working at the library are: I got to meet new people every day and I learned new skills. Also, I’ve never had a job before so this showed me a new experience. My experiences I gained as an intern at the library will help me in my career after college, because now I have work experience and I’ve learned how to work with lots of people and children, and how to approach certain situations when helping someone. The people-skills I’ve learned will help me in my future career. 



My internship was great! I worked at City Hall in the engineering department. For six fun weeks, I learned what engineers do for Memphis. By completing infrastructure requests, archiving data analyses, and organizing plans for the city, I was able to get very good hands-on experience with my supervisors. I like how we were able to take field trips every week. They were all great! These past six weeks have been so informative! I will take what I’ve learned and apply it to my mechanical engineering major when I go off to college. 



My experience with Public Works was very interesting. I was assigned to being a clerk, which is not an easy job. The job consisted of answering phones and also doing payroll for the employees. In payroll, you had to make sure the number of hours were accurate for the employees’ paycheck, so I would have run through payroll twice to make sure the numbers added up correctly. With answering the phones, sometimes you have the nice customers who are easy to work with, then you have rude customers who are sometimes very tempered. There were times that I really did not want to deal with them, but I had to, and I practiced my communication skills with them. Luckily, throughout the day, the job got done. My overall experience with Public Works was amazing. The employees were very nice, welcoming, and acted like a family, which is what I love about a work place. What I gained here was a new side to life, because I never even thought about people who worked here, and how they may feel dealing with customers who have their bad days as well. It is all about communicating, not only with other employees, but customers, because it is just like practice for when you make a face to face encounter with people for business deals. I want to work in the technology field; I have grown to become an adult and learned how to handle my own business without calling my parents. Working here showed me that I can accomplish anything, and I am very thankful for that experience here.



My experience during the internship was an extraordinary one. I worked in the engineering department, and we did many things that I believe will help me succeed in my career. The engineering department contained three different sections: mapping, traffic, and civil. Each week we would rotate through the different sections, which exposed us to different branches of engineering. Those of us that were in mapping would scan and organize maps, and even though this was the most tedious part of the job, it was an important part that had to be done. Also, we got to see different street plans/changes, which I thought was interesting. Those in traffic would input speed bump requests, which allowed us to see which streets needed a speed bump and why. Those in civil would update a map that had all the bridges in Memphis labeled. The most enjoyable part of the internship were the trips we took to the different buildings associated with engineering at the end of each week. These trips help expand our knowledge of engineering from outside the office. This internship experience was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to all upcoming MAP students. 



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