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The Memphis Youth City Council is modeled after the Memphis City Council. It consists of 13 students, each elected by peers at their own school after running their campaigns. Seats 1-7 are filled by the winning candidates from one school per district. The remaining six seats are filled by the winning candidates from six schools within the two super districts.

The Memphis Youth City Council will benefit from having a diverse group of students—not just “top scorers”—as all students are encouraged to contribute their innovative, helpful ideas. Deciding candidates through student election is one way of ensuring this diversity. It engages more students in the electoral process and helps them understand the importance of community participation. The school lottery is designed so that all schools throughout Memphis will eventually have the chance for a representative to participate on the MYCC.

Jazsmine Allen.JPG
Jazsmine AlleN

District 1  

Jazsmine Allen is a senior at Overton High. Since freshman year she has been a member of the Youth Court, a program where she is the attorney and advocate for her peers and  community by demonstrating restorative justice principles. She has also been a member of SkillsUSA for four consecutive years as assistant secretary (9th and 10th grade), secretary (11th grade), and in her final year president. Each year , she has led her team to the state championship coming in 3rd place. Jazsmine has been the President of the Spanish Club since 10th grade, Vice President of Special Olympics in 11th, and transitioned to president in 12th. Jazsmine is now the Media Specialist Chair on the Memphis Youth City Council Board. Those are only a few clubs and key roles Jazsmine has participated in within school and around the community. Jazsmine aspires to make a club for survivors of abuse this year. She also desires to make more people aware of mental health and the huge dilemma it causes if one is not equipped to fight the battle of mental health.  She has already started to do so through her blog “The Mental Health Journey”. Jazsmine is a well-versed leader, an advocate, and a revolutionist who will help make everyone’s hopes a reality in this year's Memphis City Youth Council Cohort 2020-2021.  

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Jada Carter.jpg
Jada CarteR

District 2 

Jada is a sophomore at Bartlett High School.
She is a member of the soccer team and continues to focus on her studies while making all A’s. At the same time Jada continues to serve as an active member in her community. Jada serves and worships at Bellevue Baptist Church.There she is a youth leader for Camp Outrageous, a volunteer and assistant for many programs such as Back to School drive, community food drives and the community health outreach program. These have all afforded her the opportunity to reach out and influence the lives of many people throughout the Memphis community. She attended East High her first year of high school. There she was a member of the Student Government Association, a Student Ambassador, inducted into the National Spanish Honors Society, Spanish Club Member, and a member of the soccer and track team until the season was interrupted by COVID -19. As an MYCC leader, Jada is hoping to involve more youth in community service, conduct food drives for people all over Memphis, beautify and clean communities, and help students in need of social, emotional, and academic help.


Destini Rainer.png
Destini Rainer

District 3

Destini is a junior at the Middle College High School. She has been actively involved in her school and community. She is a leader in the Memphis Ambassadors Program, FBLA, Women in Unity, and Delta Gems. Destini has always been a strong advocate for adolescents' comfort in Memphis. One of her main goals is to create a teen lounge for her peers. As an MYCC leader, Destini is hoping to leave a lasting impression of brotherly love and kindness on the hearts and minds of those she encounters.

Zurich McGhee.jpg
Zurich McGhee

District 4

Zurich is a senior at Whitehaven High School. Since sophomore year, Zurich has been a member of the Memphis Ambassador Program, Arabic Honor Society, and the  Whitehaven High School Knowledgebowl. As a junior, Zurich was the Battalion Commander of his JROTC battalion which prepared him for the leadership role of Community Service Chair and his leadership positions in the future. As a member of the Memphis Youth City Council, it is his desire to spread awareness of the influence of politics in the city of Memphis through educational programs on how to work in the political world and what you can do as a citizen of the United States and as a politically aware youth. Zurich serves as the committed Chair of Community Service and hopes to leave a lasting impression on the cohort and Memphis.

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Amane Glenn.jpg
Amane' Glenn

District 5  


Amane’ Glenn is a sophomore Honors Student at East T-Stem Academy. She is a member of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, The National Spanish Honor Society, a proud member of Girl Scouts Heart of the South, a News reporter for 901 News, a Student Ambassador, and a part of her Student government at her school. She enjoys writing, reading, competitive gymnastics, golf, community service, and is currently studying to get her private pilots license. As a member of the Memphis Youth City Council she is dedicated to raising awareness for Youth Mental Health and also highlighting the amazing opportunities Memphis has to offer students. As Chair of the Memphis Youth City Council she strives to be a catalyst for change and make a substantial impact on her community with the 2020-2021 cohort. 

Sasha Penn.jpg
Sasha Penn

District 6  



Sasha Penn is a sophomore honors student at Collierville High School. She is on the school’s Track Team, and has been running track since 6th grade. Sasha is the co-founder of Girls Lighting Our World, Inc. (GLOW), a 501(c)(3) organization with the mission to equip and empower school-aged girls to live their best lives from the inside out. As a Memphis Youth City Council member her goals are to bring light to teen mental health awareness, and to have a Cultural Diversity Club in every school in Memphis. As a MYCC leader she hopes to be remembered as the leader who helped bring about change for Memphis teens, and one who pushed her peers to do their best.

Nina Collymore.jpg
Nina Collymore

District 7  


Nina Collymore is a senior at Middle College High School, home of the mighty bulldogs. During her sophomore year, Nina created a club with two other young ladies called Women In Unity. They aim to give young women a safe space to speak their mind and mold them to become leaders of their own life. As a member of the Memphis City Youth Council, it is her desire to bring more awareness to the many opportunities that exist for the youth of Memphis. Nina serves as a council woman for the Memphis Youth City Council, and aspires to make lasting positive change using her voice and the spirit of love. 

Nathan Transou.jpg
Nathan Transou

District 8-1


Nathan is a freshman at Whitehaven High School who has always been interested in helping his community. He’s been active in Peer Mediation, Student Council, and School Communication Announcements. Through these activities, his efforts resulted in him becoming a part of the 2020-2021 Memphis Youth City Council cohort. During the pandemic, Nathan found ways to remain involved in assisting his community by delivering meals through his local church. Nathan’s primary goal is to lower the youth gun violence rate in the City of Memphis. As an MYCC leader, he hopes to leave an everlasting impact on his cohort while he continues to help his community. 

Talisa Elliott.jpeg
Talisa Elliott 

Co-Chair, Super District 8-2 

alisa is a junior at White Station High School, home of the Spartans. For as long as she could remember, Talisa has made it her mission to stay civically engaged and passionate about several issues concerning the conversation of community service, cultural histories, voter’s rights, public health, and so much more. Since Freshman year, she has dedicated her time to being the Community Service Chairwoman of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), an Ambassador of Facing History and Ourselves, and an active participant in events for the Pan African club. In addition, she is a Senior Company dancer for Ballet On Wheels, and she hosts her self made pandemic podcast The Cultured Edition. As the Co-Chairwoman of the Memphis Youth City Council, it is her desire to encourage more students to learn the ins and outs of political education as well as promote the importance of diving deep into the mental health dilemma students have. Talisa serves as a tenacious team leader and is hoping to leave a lasting impact of warmth and goodwill not only on her team but her city. 

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Anahis Luna.jpeg
Anahis Luna

District 8-2

Anahis is a senior at White Station High School. She has been heavily involved in the arts and has won multiple national and state awards, including numerous grants. Apart from her involvement in the arts, she is also involved within her community, leading multiple civic efforts and events. As a member of MYCC, she hopes to work to bridge education disparities and bring equity to under-resourced communities. 

Madison Smith.jpg
Madison Smith

Super District 8-3

Madison Smith is currently a senior at Germantown High School, home of the Red Devils. She is involved in many school clubs and external organizations.  She is a member of Beta Club, National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Rho Kappa, Youth Court, Bridge Builders, Shelby County Youth Council, Kappa Debutante, and the Memphis Ambassadors Program. She is the Student President of the Student Government Organization and Vice-President of Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, Madison is a former Volleyball player and a Majorette Dancer, which she held captain positions with both. As a member of the Memphis Youth City Council, Madison aims to advocate for better educational resources for the youth of the city of Memphis. As an MYCC member, Madison hopes to leave an influence that will inspire others to be leaders in their community.

Briana Massey.jpg
Briana Massey

Super District 9-2  


Briana is a Senior at White Station high school.She is the founder of Youth Student Alliance, and a member of Model UN,Student Council, and Mifa Club. Briana is the current Community Service Co-Chair for MYCC .Her goal is to be the inspiration for future youth.Her desire is to expose and uplift the people of her community while improving the environment that they live in. 

Jonathan Robinson.jpg
Jonathan Robinson  


Jonathan is a junior at Middle College High School at Christian Brothers University, home of the bulldogs. Throughout his high school career, he has been an eager participant in programs such as Shelby County Youth Council, Boy Scouts of America, National Honors Society, Jack and Jill of America, and now Memphis City Youth Council. As a leader of the Memphis City Youth Council, he desires to promote unity with youth across the city. Jonathan hopes to leave a long-lasting positive impact on his community.  

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