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MPLOY is a locally funded initiative administered by MOYS that provides City of Memphis youth ages 16 to 22 with meaningful and rewarding summer experiences. The MPLOY Youth Summer Experience offers various career path options according to the participants’ strengths and interests, including soft skills training, entry-level positions, and internships. Some of the top employers in the Memphis area make this possible by agreeing to serve as Business Partners, offering structured job opportunities for youth for six weeks during the summer months.


MPLOY participants work in a variety of industries such as health and wellness, arts and culture, banking and communications, among others. Top employers in the Memphis area make this possible by agreeing to serve as partners, offering structured job opportunities and training for youth during the summer. Participants work for six (6) weeks in positions aligned with different career paths, where they learn soft-skills training, maintain entry-level positions, and complete internships.

Code of Conduct for MPLOY Participants

MPLOY participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. This includes showing respect for the rights and feelings of other MPLOY participants, their job, the Worksite Supervisor, and the general public. Each program participant has a responsibility to comply with the policies and procedures of the MPLOY Youth Summer Experience as well as those of their worksite.


Unless specified otherwise by the worksite, the dress code for all MPLOY participants is business professional.


Time, Attendance, and Payroll for MPLOY Participants

MPLOY participants will only be compensated for their time worked. 

The maximum allowable hours permitted by the program is 20 hours per week for six (6) weeks.

Weekly Timesheets

All MPLOY participant's time must be recorded on a weekly timesheet provided by MPLOY, which is not valid unless signed by the MPLOY participant, the Worksite Supervisor, and the Youth Specialist. MPLOY participants record their time worked on the printed timesheet at the beginning and end of their shift on a regular basis.

Payroll for MPLOY Participants

MPLOY participants are compensated for their time worked via a paper check. MPLOY participants are required to show a photo ID when receiving their paycheck.

Professional Development for MPLOY Participants

In order to provide a meaningful work experience, MPLOY participants take part in professional development activities with goals that focus on themes such as career planning, setting goals, financial literacy, interview techniques, and resume writing. The professional development component of the MPLOY Youth Summer Experience takes different forms, according to the age and work industry of the MPLOY participant. Some participants will get professional development tips specific to their work industry from Business Partners during their work week. Some participants will have the chance to gain professional development training from partnerships with organizations outside of the MPLOY team.

MPLOY participants are strongly encouraged to participate in the professional development component.



As a partner of the MPLOY Youth Summer Experience, we are requesting (if possible) that you commit to hosting a minimum of ten (10) young people in entry-level positions for six weeks. In an effort to ensure the accuracy of records, both compensation and employee hours will be handled by the City of Memphis Office of Youth Services. Please note the important information below:


The following criteria must be met BEFORE participants are assigned to your worksite:


Interested host employers must complete the online application for MPLOY Business Partners.


All work locations must be inspected by a MPLOY staff representative.


Prospective MPLOY Business Partners must complete and submit a MPLOY Worksite Agreement.


Worksite supervisors or support staff must attend the worksite orientation provided by MPLOY staff.


Job descriptions for participants under the age of 18 must be in accordance with Tennessee Child Labor Laws.


It is important to note that completing this application DOES NOT guarantee placement of youth at your worksite.


Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to you joining this citywide effort to make the upcoming summer a productive season.


ALL organizations and businesses, new and returning, interested in hosting youth workers for Summer 2024, through the MPLOY program, MUST complete the online application. To complete the application please click on the link below.


Completing this application DOES NOT guarantee placement of youth or young adults at your worksite. Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted to schedule a worksite visit. Once a site visit has been conducted, we will review your application and respond accordingly. Please feel free to contact the City of Memphis -Office of Youth Services for any additional questions at


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