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AC Wharton, Jr., Mayor

AC Wharton, Jr., MayorA C Wharton, Jr. was sworn in as the Mayor of the City of Memphis on October 26, 2009. Mayor Wharton was elected by a 61% margin of victory against numerous challengers to become Memphis' first new Mayor in 18 years. Upon taking office, Mayor Wharton immediately set about focusing his administration to execute a new agenda of transparency, responsiveness, innovation, and delivering efficient, equitable, and excellent service for the people of Memphis.

Mayor Wharton believes that Memphis can be a City of Choice for people, families, and businesses of all kinds. His vision is to align civic, commercial, and political leaders to move our economy forward and improve the quality of life for all residents. In every word and deed since taking office, he has called for the City of Memphis to celebrate its successes, honor its singular accomplishments, confront its challenges, and claim its place as a great American city.

The Wharton administration and its partners have received national recognition for Memphis' remarkable revitalization. The Mayor has focused specifically on new initiatives that dramatically increase jobs and capital investments, reduce crime, improve government efficiency and transparency, add more parks and green space to the core city, and improve public education for all children. Mayor Wharton has addressed major policy institutions and conferences of the Brookings Institute, CEOs for Cities, and the National Association for Counties. Memphis was one of only seven communities nationwide to be invited by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to take part in a national poverty-reduction initiative co-funded by the Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Social Innovation Fund and is working with an ambitious new White House initiative to prevent youth violence throughout Memphis.

AC Wharton, Jr., Mayor
City Hall
125 N. Main St. Room 700
Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: (901) 576-6000

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